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Chairman & President

We will become the world’s best cable maker.

Our excellent technology and quality in energy and information delivery have been recognized ever since our founding many decades ago. As a result, LS Cable & System has grown into a leading cable maker that is recognized all over the world.
We will make continued efforts to capitalize on our competencies to improve the quality of life, make the future brighter and richer, and “Enable the Cabled World”. We will become a warm-hearted company that fulfills social responsibilities through open communication with our customers and, for that matter, transform the company from a company representing Korea into the world’s best cable maker.
Thank you.

Chairman, Cha-Yub Koo

LS Chairman image


  1. 1979. 02 Master of International Studies, Korea University Graduate School
  2. 1969. 02 Kyungbock High School

Major Experience

  1. 2013. 01 Chairman, LS Cable & System
  2. 2009. 01 Chairman, LSIS / Gaon Cable
  3. 2008. 04 Vice Chairman, LS Industrial System
  4. 2004. 04 Vice Chairman & CEO, Gaon Cable
  5. 2000. 03 Senior Executive Vice President, LG Engineering & Construction
  6. 1993. 03 Senior Vice President , LG Insurance
  7. 1976. 11 LG Insurance (currently LIG Insurance)
“We will provide our customers reliability and superior value.”

LS Cable & System supplies the overland, submarine and high-tech superconducting power cables that comprise next-generation power grids, the communication cables used for advanced telecom systems, the industrial cables used in various heavy industries, and materials which become the basis of industrial products. We pledge to provide our customers with reliable products and effective solutions of superior value through continuous facility investment, R&D and quality control.

President & CEO, Myung Roe-Hyun

LS 대표이사 이미지


  1. 2006 MS in International Management, Yonsei University
  2. 1986 BS in International Trade, Inha University

Major Experience

  1. 2015 LS Cable & System, President
  2. 2011 Business Administration Division, CFO/Executive Vice President
  3. 2008 Financial Administration, Senior Vice President
  4. 2005 Business Planning, Vice President


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