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LS Cable & System first Korean company to enter growing Taiwanese submarine power cable market 2019-01-07

■ Now supplying 170km submarine cables to a Taiwanese offshore wind farm
■ Occupying advantageous position in the European and next-generation offshore wind power generation markets

LS Cable & System (President & CEO, Myung Roe-hyun) announced on January 7, 2019 that it will supply 170km 66kV submarine cables to Taiwan.
This is the first time a Korean cablemaker will be exporting submarine cables to that country. The company has finally gotten a green light to enter the Taiwanese market where large submarine cable projects are scheduled to be implemented by 2025.
LS C&S will supply submarine cables for the offshore wind farm Yunlin, built by YunNeng Wind Power Company, part of the wpd group, one of Germany’s major wind power company, and to be installed by Seaway Offshore Cables, part of the Subsea 7 group, off the shore of Yunlin County in Taiwan. The purpose of this project is to alleviate power shortages resulting from the scheduled shutdown of several nuclear power plants.
As part of its plan to shut down nuclear power plants by 2025 and replace them with renewable energy, Taiwan will invest $23 billion for the construction of a 5.5GW offshore wind power, whereby a submarine power grid spanning more than 2,000km shall be installed.
On account of the size and growth potential of this market, LS C&S competed for this project with cable makers of leading countries in power generation from Europe and Japan. The company succeeded in winning the contract based on its successful track record of completing important projects in various countries in North America, Europe and the Middle East.
As LS C&S satisfied the standards in this project, the company has secured a favorable position to advancing into the European offshore wind power generation market. And as the 66kV submarine cable manufactured by LS C&S is used for 8MW turbines, which are spreading around the world for large-capacity offshore wind power generation, it also has an important track record in the next-generation market.
About wpd
Established in Germany in 1996, wpd provides such services as construction and operation of wind farms. In the past 20 years or so, wpd has successfully carried out more than 400 wind farm construction projects around the world, e.g. Europe, North America and Asia.
About Seaway Offshore Cables
Established in Germany in 2003, Seaway Offshore Cables is part of the Renewables and Heavy Lifting business unit of Subsea 7, one of the world’s leading subsea and offshore installation contractors. In the past years, SOC has become one of the world’s leading submarine cable installation contractors within the offshore wind as well as offshore oil and gas markets and is actively executing projects in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.


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