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LS Cable & System starts Korea’s first broad 2012-01-26
■ MOU signed with KBTA for joint development
■ Will lay foundation for entry into global broadcasting equipment markets and contribute to import substitution

Seoul, Korea, January, 10th - LS Cable & System (Chairman & CEO: Christopher Koo) and the Korea Broadcasting Technology Association (KBTA, Chairman: Illo Lee) signed an MOU on the 10th (Tue.) after reaching an agreement to develop Korea’s first broadcasting equipment cables and connectors. The main points of the MOU are to develop new products in collaboration with KBTA based on LS Cable & System’s cable technologies including metal processing and compounding technologies, and to actively cooperate to market the products both domestically and overseas.

Broadcasting cables are divided into broadcasting production cables, such as cables for microphones, cameras, video transmission and broadcasting equipment (mixers, recorders, monitors, etc.), and transmission cables used in repeaters and transmission and reception equipment. The cables are used in a wide variety of venues such as studios, movie theaters, gymnasiums, stadiums, performance halls, various public facilities and other large-scale buildings to deliver both audio and video signals. Connectors play a role of connecting between multiple broadcasting equipments and between cables and broadcasting equipments.

The scale of Korea’s broadcasting cable market at present is estimated to be about KRW 30 billion with foreign companies such as Gepco and Belden dominating market share. Therefore, with the MOU, LS Cable & System is expected to not only contribute to the import substitution but also contribute to enhancing the technological power of Korea’s digital broadcasting equipment industry. In addition, LS Cable & System forecasts that this will be a founding stone on which to enter domestic and overseas broadcasting equipments markets that are growing at an annual average rate of 7% as a result of the switchover to digital broadcasting, selection of new multiple system operators and expansion of new media platforms including YouTube.

Photo Caption: On the 10th, LS Cable & System signed an MOU with KBTA to develop Korea’s first broadcasting equipment cables and connectors. LS Cable & System Managing Director Hyeongwon Kim (right) and KBTA Chairman Illo Lee are exchanging the MOU.

※ Reference: Broadcasting equipment market scale With digital switchover and the launch of 3DTV, the global broadcasting equipment market is forecast to grow by an annual average of 6.7% from $32.6 billion in 2011 to $44.1 billion in 2015. The domestic market is also forecast to grow by an annual average of 7% as a result of the digital switchover and selection of new multiple system operators and therefore market scale is estimated to increase from KRW 2.1 trillion in 2011 to KRW 2.7 trillion in 2015.

The localization rate for Korea’s broadcasting equipment market is around 15% for terrestrial broadcasting companies and 25% for non-broadcasting companies. As such, the rates are lower than other industries. LS Cable & System’s cable and connector development will enhance the localization rate in the domestic broadcasting equipment market and will enable Korea’s SI companies in broadcasting fields to enter overseas markets and provide packaged services thus contributing significantly to overseas market entry.


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