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Distribution Cables LV/MV Cables

Mid-to-low voltage cables provide power to large-scale industrial sites and commercial buildings. Such cables are shielded with XLPE (cross-link polyethylene) insulators for superior heat resistance (90℃), are smoke and fire resistant, and are eco-friendly according to the environment and application. Such cables are suitable for public facilities such as high buildings, hospitals, underground markets, airports and subways due to their high fire-resistance. Moreover, in case of fire they emit less smoke and toxic gases. Mid-to-low voltage cables hold KS certifications and Electrical Appliances Safety Control Accreditation. The 22.9kV cables are proven for their product reliability through qualification certificates.

Types and purposes

• Fire-resistant cables
  - Public facilities and large industrial sites
  - Places where high fire-resistance is required to prevent secondary fire spread
• Eco-friendly cables
  - Subways, airports, high buildings where reduction of toxic materials are required
  - Places where suppression of smoke and toxic gases is required

• Fireproof cables
  - Firefighting sections where emergency power and signals are required
  - Places where fireproof and heatproof features are required for a fixed time


Cables are classified according to their structure and materials. We optimize construction and operation environments through self-development of cable materials and stable processes.
• Development of optimized structures and materials for fire resistance
• Specialized materials and process management for eco-friendliness
• Official certificate for high-functional fire resistant materials
• National certification for product reliability (KS certification, Electrical Appliances Safety Accreditation, Environment-friendly Certification)

Main functions

• Distribution circuit for commercial, industrial, residential facilities
• High fire-resistance to prevent secondary fire spread
• Eco-friendliness, toxic materials (halogen) removed
• Tree-retardant properties to suppress water tree growth in insulators
• Reinforcement of flame retardant, fireproof, chemically resistant, hydrophobic features according to purpose

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
LV/MV Cables Low and Medium voltage cables.pdf Download
LV/MV Cables UL Cable For Far East District.pdf Download
LV/MV Cables Electric Wire Cable.pdf Download

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