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Industrial Devices Cables Special Industrial Interface Cables

EtherNet / Fieldbus cables are used for transmitting digital data among devices within the industry. These cables ensure speed and safety, which are required in the field. Especially in the case of fieldbus units, these cables are leading the digitalization of shipbuilding/marine projects through due to their low-toxicity and fire/oil resistant properties. We aim at promoting the connection of networks through supplying interface cables of superior quality. We are also leading the sophistication/specialization of the industry by providing a means to instantly check and control information in the industrial site. Furthermore, we supply minimized, lightweight products through the MCX module and FFC for the convenience of our customers who use small-sized electronic devices in a limited space.

Types and purposes

• Industrial EtherNet
Activation EtherNet cables for communications in industrial devices

• Fieldbus cable
These aim for industrial digitalization through digitally signaling data transmitted within the industry
  This is a Fieldbus cable for the CC-Link protocol used mainly in Mitsubishi control systems. Our company holds CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association) certification
  A Fieldbus cable for the DeviceNet protocol used mainly in Rockwell control systems. Our company holds ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendors Association) certification
  A Fieldbus cable for the Profibus protocol used mainly on Siemens control systems. Our company holds PI (Profibus & Profinet International) certification
4) LIREV, UL2919
  A Fieldbus cable used for RS-485 and Foundation Fieldbus protocols

• Fieldbus cable specialized for marine/offshore applications
1) XL-PE insulation, SHF1 sheath cable
  Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, RS-485 protocols 
2) NEK 606 – Sludge resistant offshore cable
  Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, RS-485 protocols
3) Flame retardant cable
  IEC60332-1, IEC60332-3-22 CAT.A, IEC60332-3-24 CAT.C
4) CCTV Composite cable
  These composite cables for CCTV permit simultaneous transmission of power and data
5) LSZH RG coaxial cable
  RG-6, RG-12, RG-59, RG-213, RG-214, etc.

• Measurement/sensing cable
1) Measurement/sensing cable for civil engineering
These cables are applied to bridges, dams, buildings, railways, etc. to preemptively detect serious risks. When such a cable detects abnormal signals, the braided wire shield prevents signal disruption in data transmission. PVC and TPU materials are applied according to the purpose and routing conditions. Steel wires are also applied for tensile forces.
2) Measurement/sensing cable for vessels
These are cables used for equipment that measure liquid levels, usually the liquid level in a holding tank. We provide hybrid types that can be used as pressure sensors and have a tube to measure pressure. Products can be divided into oil resistant and high heat resistant products according to the usage environment.

We are preparing for mass production of FFC in order to respond to the trends in miniaturization, light weighting and cost reduction. FCC is used for the inner interfaces of devices.

These cables connect the display and main board of electronic devices to transmit high scale, large capacity signals. Applied to CCTV camera modules, ultrasound medical devices such as probes, and mobile phones. They can be highly customized to the customers’ needs.

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