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Medical cables are applied to the wide variety of medical devices for diagnosis and therapy for both humans and animals. Our complex type cables are widely used in high value added devices such as X-ray C-arm, dental X-ray, and ultrasound diagnostic medical devices. We are developing and supplying cables suited to customers’ needs in the current era of medical industry growth, as we become more interested in the aging population, personal well-being and healthcare.

Types and purposes

• X-ray complex cable
Complex structured high flexibility cable with special PVC with wires to supply videos, power and signals.
1) UL20121 93 Core: Main body of C-arm X-ray
2) UL20121 74 Core: Monitor of C-arm X-ray

•  Medical devices wire cable
These are applied to sections requiring high reliability such as operating parts.
  - Fluoride resin insulated, PVC / TPU sheathed
  - Applied to high-flexible environments of bending and torsion

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