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LS Cable & System defense industry cables supply data, signals and power to high-tech military equipment. They are used for connecting cables and internal wires for land combat devices such as those installed on armored vehicles or used in signals equipment, and naval equipment such as missile launchers, radars, communication equipment and combat systems. They are produced according to US military standards (MIL STANDARD) and thus have superior heat and cold resistance, durability and chemical survivability. Furthermore, we have the capabilities to produce hybrid cables including optical cables and high function LAN cables, following the needs for new equipment development due to digitalization and multi-functionality of military devices.

Types and purposes

• LGM81044, LGM22759, LGM16878 (MIL-W): Wire for 150~200℃. Inner wires with tin, nickel, silver plated conductors, and insulating materials such as fluoride resins
• LGM27500 (MIL-C): M81044, M22759 wire is the base product. These wires consist of 1~10 braids. A shield and jacket are applied
• LSHFMC (High flexible military cable): Wire for 150℃. Hairline complex tin plated stranded copper conductors and highly flexible insulating materials enable routing in a limited space. These wires share the same main features as MIL-C-81044 and MIL-C-16878.
• HFXL (Cross-linked halogen-free cable): Wire and cable capable of withstanding 120 ℃, which is suitable for halogen free equipment. These wires have superior smoke and oil resistance, and share the same main features as EN50305, MIL-C-81044, and IEC60332.
• LGTAD (Technical application cable): Customized product for battlefield environment and equipment that meets tough US military standards.
• Hybrid complex cable: Complex product for digital data transmission (optical cable, Ethernet cable), and power supply wire

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