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Industrial tubes have been developed to meet consumers’ needs according to industrial characteristics. LS Cable & System possesses five irradiators, and is the leader of cross-link electric beam technology in Korea. We supply customers with industrial products of advanced quality, based on globally renowned technology and infrastructure.

Types and purposes

Vessel tubes
  - Cable terminals, straight joint connection materials, cable repair, etc.

Communication tubes
  - Mostly used outdoors for CATV network cable protection

Electronic tubes
  - Cable insulation protection, cable connection and terminal protection, color code identification and cohesion, insulation protection of resistance and condenser, cable terminal processing, various harness processes, etc.

  - Heat-shrinkable polyolefin manifold, heat-shrinkable polyolefin end-cap to block environmental effects


Various materials, sizes, properties to fit market needs
The sheath of water-tight tubes are covered with adhesives for advanced watertightness. It is widely used across the industry due to its variety of shrink rates, colors and sizes.
Single layer tubes are made from cross-link irradiation polyolefin and is highly heat-resistant. It meets UL224 standards.

Main functions

Watertight tubes: Advanced waterproofness, easy installation 
Single layer tubes: Meets UL224 600V, 125℃, VW-1, easy installation

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
Industrial Tubes LS_Tube Catalogue_221027.pdf Download

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