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Optical Cables In-door Optical Cables

Indoor optical cables are suitable for use within buildings. They are flame-retardant with low-toxicity. A wide range of products can be applied according to vertical/horizontal wiring.

Types and purposes

• Central tube single jacket cable: Inner backbone network, etc.
• Tight buffered distribution cable: Inner backbone network, etc.
• Simplex and duplex cord: Optical LAN, patch cord, pig tail, etc.
• Tight buffered breakout cable: Telecommunication office, etc.


• Easy adherence to the connector through the tight buffer with no jelly
• Easy indoor installation due to lightweight and superior flexibility
• Excellent fire-retardant and non-toxic properties (Flame Retardant, LSZH)

Main functions

• Connects indoor/outdoor systems
• Builds vertical communications networks among floors
• Constructs indoor backbone

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