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Copper Rod Copper Alloys

Copper alloy wires are made from various alloy materials for specific needs, unlike ordinary copper rods. According to alloy type, electric conductivity, tension and electric resistance values differ. We have a wide range of copper alloys to meet various customer needs.
Unlike ordinary copper rods, production methods differ according to alloy materials and content, and require advanced production technology.

Types and purposes

Vehicle cables
  - Cu-Sn (0.2, 0.3%): For ABS cables, signal cables
  - Cu-Sn (0.7~1.35%): For seat heating wires
  - Cu-Mg (0.2%): For ABS cables
  - Cu-Mg (0.45%): For messenger wires
  - Cu-Mg (0.35%): For droppers
  - Cu-Sn: For traction lines on high speed railroads

  - Cu-Ni: For heating cables


We produce a wide range of alloys for special purpose cables
• Electric conductivity: Copper-silver (Cu-Ag)
• Tension strength: Copper-magnesium (Cu-Mg)
• Flexion strength: Copper-tin (Cu-Sn)
• Electric resistance: Copper-nickel (Cu-Ni)

Main functions

• Conductors for commutators and condenser sockets
• Railway messenger wires and droppers
• Vehicle ABS cables, seat heating wire conductors

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