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RF Feeder System Coaxial jumper cable

The coaxial jumper cable can be installed indoors and outdoor base stations in all environments. Depending on the installation environment and the required properties, it is divided into three product groups: Low Loss, SuperFlex, and Water Proof. It can also be manufactured in different structures at the request of customers.

Types and uses

• Low Loss
  - It is suitable for indoor environment, for instance, inside buildings
  - It is used for connecting relatively long sections


• SuperFlex
  - Installed in sections requiring flexural property
  - High demand in 4G and 5G base stations


• Water Proof Type
  - Suitable for outdoor environment
  - Installed mostly in outdoor base stations


• Low Loss
  - Low insertion loss
  - Due to its excellent low insertion loss, it is ideal for long-distance transmission

• SuperFlex
  - Has a large Bending Radius
  - Can easily be installed in an environment requiring flexural property

• Water Proof Type
  - Water-proof cap is used to guarantee water-proofing
  - Protection against rain and snow

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