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Structured Cabling System SimpleLight™ LED wiring system

The LS SimpleLightTM LED wiring system makes wiring in buildings easier. Without expensive equipment, a single operator can manage the cable routes from the communication area to network users, and easily check the disconnection status and disconnected areas.

Types and uses

• patch cord
  - Patch cords for tracking the location of remote ports
  - Patch cords for tracking the location of ports in use

• LED optical solution
  - Provides LC Duplex (OM1 ~ OM4) type of optical jumper cords
  - Conveniently tracks connection ports through the power supply device

• LED modular jack & panel
  - Possible to identify the line location and connection status of cables


The LED patch cord uses LED to make port tracking convenient. It is possible to conveniently track the location of ports through the power supply device.

• Slim cable
  - It is possible to use LEDs to conveniently track ports
  - As slim cables are used, it is optimized for high-density cabling patching

• LED optical solution
  - Optimized for data center cabling management

• LED modular jack & panel
  - Provides reliable standard communication performance
  - Possible to efficiently manage port tracking

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