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Compliance Management

The goal of LS Cable & System's compliance management is to eliminate the risk of violating internal laws and regulations, and to faithfully fulfill the management mission of “fair corporate citizenship.” To achieve this goal, we operate a compliance program to lead employees to practice.

  • Operation of the compliance management committee
  • compliance management system

Operation of the compliance management committee

To guarantee the professionalism and independence of the compliance management committee, we appointed a total of six internal and external experts in the fields of law, accounting, administration, and compliance as members.

  • Co-chairs (2): One external member and one internal member
  • Committee members (4): Two external members and two internal members

To quickly apply and implement the matters discussed in the compliance management committee, we operate a compliance management working council as a sub-organization of the compliance management committee. The compliance management working council is composed of departments operating various compliance programs of LS Cable & System, and periodically checks the status of compliance activity plans and execution.

Compliance management system

Compliance Management Declaration

Complying with all internal and external laws and regulations when conducting company business, and punishing those who violate them
Actively acting ethically, not just meeting the minimum requirements of legal compliance

Compliance Management Declaration

To become a company trusted by customers, LS declares, as follows, to practice compliance management based on the group's management philosophy known as “LS Partnership.”

First, we comply with all domestic and international laws and company regulations and do not engage in any illegal activities when conducting company business.
Second, we must hold lawbreakers to account for their illegal acts and deal with them sternly.
Third, through compliance management, we contribute to the improvement of the interests of customers, shareholders and local communities, and fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to the country and society.

January 2, 2014
LS employees

Practicing compliance management

Expected benefits of compliance management

Individuals Establishing basic patterns of behavior
  • Awareness of the code of conduct at work
  • Suppressing minor and customary illegal acts
  • Monitoring the illegal acts of others
Respective companies Improving corporate competitiveness and establishing a culture of compliance
  • Preventing risks
  • Reinforcing long-term competitiveness by improving financial performance
  • Enhancing customer trust by expanding the basis for compliance awareness
Group Improving internal and external reliability
  • Recovering LS brand image
  • Contributing to group management and interests
  • Establishment as a unique group culture


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