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LS Cable & System develops power solution exclusively for Data Centers 2020-09-03

Releasing a new bus duct product exclusively for IDC, expanding the market with the Digital New Deal
■ Reduced installation and operating costs; simplified installation and relocation of servers
■ Lower power consumption contributes to implementation of an environment-friendly data centers

LS Cable & System (President & CEO Roe-hyun Myung) announced on September 3 that the company developed and released a new bus duct product for data centers (IDC) for the first time in Korea.
As the government’s Digital New Deal policy will expand the IDC market, LS C&S is planning to expand the market presence by launching customized products.
Bus ducts supply large-capacity power by putting flat strip conductors in a metal case instead of hundreds or thousands of electric wires.
As bus ducts are prefabricated, they can be installed and relocated more conveniently than electric wires, and as their volume is less than half of electric wires, they utilize space much more efficiently. In addition, as they can reduce installation costs by more than 15%, they are increasingly being used in high-rise buildings, apartments and factories.
Looking at products developed by LS C&S exclusively for IDC, as the power supply of a bus duct, installed in the ceiling, is designed to be movable, you can plug in the power cord of the server wherever you please. By comparison, when electric wires were used in a server room, wire bundles were connected in the floor in a complicated manner, so it was difficult to relocate and expand the servers.
Also, as bus ducts consume about 30% less power than electric wires, they contribute to reduction of overall operating costs and implementation of environment-friendly data centers.
“Speaking of data centers, as data usage has been increasing due to 5G communication, big data and Internet of Things, the relocation or expansion of servers has become important, and large power consumption has been a big headache,” said the company. “As LS C&S has specialized the functions for IDC, we expect that it will quickly substitute foreign products.”
LS C&S is supplying its products to major semiconductor and petrochemical plants, large shopping malls and high-rise buildings, and it is ranked No. 1 in the domestic bus duct market. We are planning to expand our market to include renewable energy, such as wind turbine towers, ships and drillships.



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