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LS Cable & System Asia Supplies Large-scale Power System for Apartment Complexes in Vietnam 2022-06-30

Photograph) LSCV Ho Chi Minh City of LS C&S Asia

■ Will supply bus ducts to Vinhomes, the largest real estate developer in Vietnam 
■ Bus ducts to replace electric wires in high-rise buildings, apartment buildings, plants, and IDCs

On the 28th, LS Cable & System Asia (LS C&S Asia, CEO: In-jae Baek) announced that it has supplied supply bus ducts for large-scale power supply systems, to Vinhomes, the largest real estate developer in Vietnam. 
The bus ducts will be used for power supply in Vinhomes’ apartment complexes, comprising 130,000 units in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  

LS C&S Asia anticipates additional orders as Vinhomes is building hundreds of thousands of housing units in around 40 cities across Vietnam. It also plans to promote product supply for shopping malls, resorts, plants, etc., constructed by Vin Group, the parent company of Vinhomes. 

Bus ducts, which are part of the structure of plate-type conductors inserted in metallic casings, and which replace hundreds to thousands of wires, are used for large-scale power supply. Bus ducts take up only a small space, making them more convenient for installation and transportation than wires. For this reason, their application is increasing, especially in high-rise buildings, apartment complexes, and plants. 

LS C&S Asia entered Vietnam in 2017, during the early phase of bus duct introduction to the country, by establishing new facilities at LSCV Ho Chi Minh City. In Vietnam, the use of bus ducts instead of electric wires in buildings is increasing as large-scale apartment complexes, commercial buildings, IDCs (Internet data centers), and plants are actively being constructed.

LS C&S Asia CEO In-jae Baek said, “We will preoccupy the Vietnamese market based on the technological power of LS Cable & System, the No. 1 company in Korea’s bus duct market.”

Photograph) A worker inspecting a bus duct at LSCV Ho Chi Minh City of LS C&S Asia


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