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LS Cable & System applies superconducting cable commercially as the 5th in the world 2011-10-13
■ Commercial operation of a superconducting cable power facility commenced in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
■ Succeeded in actual system application as the 5th in the world and development of the world’s longest superconducting cable for distribution
■ First in the world to be conferred an international standard for a superconducting cable system

Seoul, Korea, 13th, October - LS Cable & System (CEO & Chairman: Christopher Koo), together with KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corp., President: Joongkyum Kim), will commence operation of the 22.9kV distribution cable system at the Icheon Substation located in Gyeonggi-do, Korea. With this, LS Cable & System becomes the fifth in the world to apply superconducting cable technology to an actual commercial power network, not simply for experimental purposes.

Though 100 years after the discovery of superconductivity, and 25 years since the discovery of room temperature superconductors, LS Cable & System has become one of only a few companies that has been able to claim such an impressive achievement. Significantly, LS Cable & System took only 10 years to succeed in this achievement whereas other companies abroad spent 20 or more years; therefore the Company has proven its outstanding technological prowess. (Refer to glossary.). Experts forecast that, through this project, LS Cable & System will ▲ develop superconducting cable system engineering and mass-production technology, ▲ secure superconducting cable system linkage technology, ▲ commercialize large-capacity and low-loss superconducting cable system design and manufacturing technology, ▲ obtain expertise in implementing low-loss, high-efficiency electric power systems, and ▲ advance into the global market by developing related technologies.

The scale of the superconducting cable system used in this project is 410m, which, for a distribution cable, is the longest in the world. There have been instances in which joint boxes were applied to some phases of conventional distribution superconducting cable installations, but this cable system is the world’s only power line to which joint boxes are being applied to 3 phases. This technology enables the length of the superconducting cable to be extended and therefore will lead to further commercialization of superconducting cable in the future. In addition, due to the key benefit of zero power loss, superconducting cables can replace some of the conventional transmission cables. At the same time, this technology can be used for developing transmission level (80kV DC, 154kV AC) superconductive electric devices and will be helpful in improving related technologies.

LS Cable & System was also placed in charge of developing the entire system including joint boxes connecting superconducting cables, and terminations connecting general and superconducting cables. In particular, unlike overseas companies that follow their own standards, LS Cable & System was recognized of its technological capabilities as the Company’s superconducting cable system became the first product in the world to be conferred an international certification from Kinetics of Canada, an institute that certifies superconducting devices.

After developing superconducting cable in 2004, LS Cable & System passed a long-term substantive evaluation test in 2005 as only the world’s second to do so. In 2007, the company succeeded in developing a 22.9kV 50MVA distribution level superconducting cable system of which stability was verified through a two-year reliability assessment and type test conducted by the KEPCO Gochang Power Test Center. LS Cable & System also developed a joint box that enables high temperature superconductors located at joints to be electrically and mechanically stable while maintaining superconductive characteristics during connection and operation. In 2010, the Company also succeeded in developing a world-class 154kV/1GVA level transmission superconductive cable termination (connector between the existing power network and superconducting cable) that demonstrates that LS Cable & System possesses the world’s highest technological prowess.

Based on its technological capabilities, LS Cable & System was selected as a cable supplier for the TASS (Tres Amigas Superstation) project where superconductor cable is being used as a basis for integrating three large and expansive yet disparate power networks in the U.S., one serving parts of the eastern regions, another serving the mid-west and another serving parts of Texas. “Nature,” a scientific journal, anticipated in an article that Korea would achieve smart grid commercialization with high temperature superconducting cable as the first in the world. In addition, LS cable & System is organizing symposiums and technology seminars targeting leading power industry personnel of China and India. At the same time, the Company is actively preparing for the project by arranging to participate in a 154kV level commercialization project for a superconducting test bed to be installed in Jeju Island.

LS Cable & System President Jongho Son said, “This project will write a new chapter in the history of the power industry.” He added, “We will do our utmost to enter the global superconducting market in the future.”


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