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LS Cable & System develops Korea’s first high thermal-resistant 2012-06-08
■ World’s highest thermal resistance up to 240 ℃
■ Applications include spacecraft, aircraft, high-speed railway cars and electric trains

Seoul, Korea, April, 12nd - On the 12nd, LS Cable & System (Chairman and CEO Christopher Koo) announced the development of a high thermal-resistant winding wire withstanding temperatures up to 240?C which can be applied to the traction motor of an engine of a high-speed railway car. According to the company, the winding wire can be applied to motors for electric devices and transportation that is operated under extreme conditions, such as spacecraft, aircraft, next-generation high-speed railway cars, magnetic levitation trains and electric trains.

Winding wire is a copper or aluminum wire coated with insulating materials. At present, thermal resistance up to 240?C is the world’s highest level and it is mostly applied to railway cars. The market is currently monopolized by European companies in Switzerland, Austria and France. Therefore, with the development, LS Cable & System will be able to enter new overseas markets in addition to benefiting from the effects of import substitution. In particular, LS Cable & System’s product has been acknowledged as being of outstanding quality, and its superb performance has led to it being applied to electric freight trains supplied by Hyundai Rotem to KORAIL.

Developed through technological collaboration between LS Cable & System and Superior Essex of the U.S., LS Cable & System explained that this product has been noted for its reliability after field tests conducted for over two years. LS Cable & System plans to promote additional development centering not only on electric parts for automobiles and household appliances, but also value-added winding wire products.

High thermal-resistant winding wire introduced by LS Cable & System

- Winding Wire
Created by coating copper or aluminum wire with insulating materials, winding wire is wound up in the form of a coil inside an electronic device and transforms electric energy into mechanical energy. Functioning as a blood vessel in an electric device, winding wire is essential in all devices that require electricity, such as transformers, generators, automotive parts, various household appliances, and motors.

- Traction Motor
A traction motor enables drive to a vehicle by receiving power supplied from a main generator or a high-voltage cable. It is an engine for electric trains and electric vehicles.


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