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LS Cable & System develops intelligent integrated wiring system, ‘SimpleWin’ 2013-10-15

■ An intelligent system for real-time failure identification and handling
■ Real-time network management using smartphone application
■ Additional functions including integrated control of power, humidity and temperature in a communication room

On the 10th, LS Cable & System (President & CEO Jaeun Koo) announced that the company had developed a next-generation intelligent integrated wiring system that it has named SimpleWin. This system provides integrated management of voice traffic, data transfer, security network equipment and wiring, which used to be installed and operated separately in intelligent buildings and IDCs. SimpleWin enables to check and manage system operation status in real-time while also offering improved network operating efficiency. In addition, management system changes, such as transfer, addition and change of circuits used as well as communication failures can be handled swiftly.

Under previous systems, lines to deliver voice, data and video information were installed independently. As a result, efficiency drops as more and more lines are installed over time. In addition, it was previously difficult to recover promptly from failures because a separate management function was not available. Moreover, system transfer and changes took a large amount of cost and time and manual operation was required for a significant portion of management operations. However, the intelligent integrated wiring system SimpleWin developed by LS Cable & System integrates all necessary wiring and manages them using built-in intelligent software. As a result, system administrators can identify the locations where failures occur on a real-time basis. In addition, network management through a smartphone application enables users to operate the system even more efficiently.

LS Cable & System’s SimpleWin is configured with software for network management and hardware including an intelligent patch panel and an intelligent management system. Designed from the start to be an advanced integrated system, SimpleWin provides the highest network performance yet available, thus it is suitable for transmitting the ever increasing amount of data traffic. With SimpleWin, both cross-connect, an existing subscriber wiring method, and interconnect, an equipment wiring method, have been implemented within a single system. In case of the interconnect system, stability is further improved because this method does not require additional devices to be mounted on any communication equipment. Another advantage is that the intelligent power management system provides centralized and comprehensive power, temperature and humidity control of a communication room. According to LS Cable & System, this feature will be very useful in places consuming huge amounts of large electric power, such as an IDC.

LS Cable & System forecasts that this system can be efficiently applied to integrated network operations of not only intelligent buildings, such as companies, universities and banks where voice, data and video networks are integrally operated, but also data centers where large-scale data traffic and power consumption take place. Thus the company plans to market this system aggressively targeting all relative markets. LS Cable & System has now become the first in Korea to develop a 10G integrated wiring system solution and the first to develop the world’s thinnest UTP Cat.6A cable. As such, LS Cable & System has proven that it possesses R&D capacities equivalent to those of global leading enterprises.


Intelligent Building
First designed and built in the U.S., the term “intelligent building” refers to a building that provides automated office functions. An intelligent building is defined as a building equipped with secure communication lines, strengthened floors to withstand the increased weight of office equipment and a large-scale power supply. The functions of an intelligent building also include sophisticated automated HVAC, lighting and security systems and disaster prevention/response features.

Patch Panel
This is a rack installed for bundling cable joints that connect external equipment and control devices, thus enabling convenient management of all the cable joints. A patch panel facilitates connection between a device and hardware with connection jacks of different types that are in different locations.

Cross Connect
This method is implemented when communication equipment are connected with the communication network of a subscriber terminal in a communication room. Cross connect uses two patch panels and manages the network through patch cords between the patch panels. In general, this method is recommended for connecting subscriber circuits that are frequently changed.

Inter Connect
This method is implemented when communication equipment are connected with the communication network of a subscriber terminal in a communication room. Interconnect uses one patch panel and manages the network through patch cords between the patch panel and communication equipment. In general, this method is recommended for connecting equipment circuits that are not changed frequently. The initial investment cost is lower than the cross-connect method. However, a weakness of this method is that changing of patch cords takes place frequently in communication equipment terminals.

UTP stands for unshielded twisted pair. This is a copper communication line that is available as Cat.5e, Cat.6 and Cat.6A.


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