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LS Cable first in Korea to obtain international certification for cable for drill ships 2010-06-24
■ Development of a communication cable for drill ships succeeded for the first time in Korea ■ Excellence was acknowledged with certifications by leading overseas classification agencies LS Cable (Chairman & CEO Christopher Koo) announced on the 22nd that the company’s recently developed communication cable (optical, LAN, coaxial) for drill ships won certifications by major classification agencies (refer to terminology) not only of Korea, but also of the U.S., Germany, France and Norway. With this achievement, LS Cable’ scope of shipboard cable solutions has further widened. At the same time, LS Cable secured a foundation to attack niche markets of special cables for ships together with the existing shipboard cable market. Developed by LS Cable and succeeding in obtaining overseas certification for the first time in Korea, this product is one of the special industrial cables that have been actively developed thus far. Being fire resistant with flame retardant and low smoke emission properties, this product is also especially resilient against oil and mud for drilling. Inserted into the seabed together with the drill, this cable must be able to deliver crucial information to the mother ship and therefore secure effective communication in conditions even more hostile than previously encountered. Especially in emergency situations, control of diverse and complicated facilities must be maintained. Therefore, high reliability and efficiency are vitally essential. LS Cable explains that the excellence of the quality has been verified as this product simultaneously received certifications by leading classification agencies. With the certifications in hand, LS Cable secured the foundation to enter global markets that had previously been monopolized by overseas companies. In addition, by applying the expertise accumulated while developing this product to other special industrial cable products, LS Cable plans to actively advance into other related markets. ※ Terminology: Classification Agency A classification agency is a nonprofit corporation established for the purpose of promoting safety and conserving natural maritime resources as well as encouraging the development of ship, naval and seaborne transportation technologies. The key areas of interest of a classification agency are ship inspection, R&D, quality certification, industrial affairs and conclusion of business agreements with foreign classification agencies. In particular, ship inspections consist of approval of design drawings, inspection of newly built vessels, regular inspection of registered ships, inspection of instruments and materials for ships and performing on behalf of the government as an official inspection agency. In addition to the KRS(Korean Register of Shipping), other internationally recognized classification agencies include the ABS(American Bureau of Shipping), GL(Germanischer Lloyd), BV(Bureau Veritas) and DNV(Det Norske Veritas).


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