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Electric power and communication combined into one! 2012-02-01
LS Cable & System develops air blown fiber optic composite power cable

■ Helps for building more efficient smart grids by combining 144 cables into one
■ Immediately after development, LS Cable & System received an order from Energy Australia worth $10 million.
■ As it is easy to build and manage, it has quickly become popular among domestic and overseas power authorities as well as global construction companies.

Seoul, Korea, Feburary, 1st - On the 1st, LS Cable & System (CEO & Chairman: Christopher Koo) introduced a new 12/20kV air-blown fiber optic composite power cable that combines both electric power and communication cables, necessary for building smart grids and communication networks, into one. Immediately after the announcement the Company entered into a supply contract with Energy Australia worth $10 million (KRW11.2 billion).

The most salient characteristic of this cable is that unlike conventional fiber optic composite cables installation of this product is done using high-pressure air. With this new installation method a tube of 3∼5mm in diameter is installed inside the cable and the fiber optics are pushed inside by the high-pressure air. Existing fiber optic composite cables can combine a maximum of 16 core wires into one, but this new method makes it possible to bind up to 144 optical cable core wires.

A key feature of the air blown fiber optic composite power cable is that it is also scalable which makes it possible to meet the needs of customers who want to build-out power grids and communication networks as demand arises. Also, unlike conventional fiber optic composite cables, the duel structure consisting of a plastic tube and sheath protects the cable, thereby greatly reducing the risk of damage. And because only the internal cable needs to be replaced using air pressure, operating and investment costs are also reduced. Another advantage is that the optical cable can be used to monitor the temperature and state of the cables in real time.

Mr. Heonsang Lee, Director of Overseas Sales, said, “We will work hard to promote this product targeting domestic and overseas power authorities that want to replace their existing power grids and build new smart and power grids. We will also target global construction companies that want to provide a residential environment that better fits the new lifestyle of their residents. Our goal is to turn over $40 million in the next five years.”


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