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The demand for DC submarine cables is continuously increasing due to (ultra) long-distance grid connections among countries and power transmission from offshore wind power generation hubs to the mainland. Low attenuation power transmission is feasible through HVDC submarine cables. 
LS Cable & System can produce extruded cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and mass-impregnated non-draining (MIND) DC submarine cables. We were the first Korean company to develop and implement an HVDC 250kV MI submarine cable system.

Types and purposes

• DC MIND submarine cables
  - Reliable, established technology (since 1950)
  - Power transmission over (ultra) long distances (100km-1,000km)
  - Good space charge effects
• DC XLPE submarine cables

  - Power transmission over long distances (100km-300km)
  - Lightweight compared to MI submarine cables (for equal capacity)
  - Easy operation and maintenance


LS Cable & System has the capability to produce ultra-long length DC submarine cables (without the need to joint two lengths offshore), as the company possesses the facilities and technology required to manufacture, factory-joint, and store long-length MV and (E)HV DC submarine cables.
The benefits of DC is that the maximum voltage is lower compared to that of ACsystems, so there is no loss due to frequency (armor loss, dielectric loss, etc.). Furthermore, DC systems can be connected to power grids of different frequency and voltage, so there are no electrical or technological limits when e.g. interconnecting different countries.

Main functions

• Power transmission over ultra-long distances (100km-1,000km)
• Maximum voltage: 500kV (MI submarine cables), 320kV (XLPE submarine cables)
• Maximum conductor size: 2,500mm2

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
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