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Submarine Cables AC Submarine Cables

AC submarine cables are widely used for mid-to-long-range application at medium-to-extra high voltage grade.  LS Cable & System can offer both single- as well as three-phase AC cables. They can be easily connected to the onshore AC power grid. Commonly, extruded cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) is used as conductor insulation for reliable operation and maintenance, simple connection and repair, and due to its advanced chemical and electrical features.

Types and Purposes

  Submarine cables for power connection
    - Connection among countries
    - Connection between islands and mainland

  Submarine cables for wind power
    - External network submarine energy cables (offshore substation toonshore substation)
    - Internal network submarine energy cables (between offshore wind turbine power generators and -offshore or onshore substation) (these are referred to as “infield” or “array” cables).

Oil & Gas
   - External network submarine energy cable (offshore oil & gas platform to onshore substation)
   - Internal network submarine energy cable (between offshore oil & gas platforms)


LS Cable & System has the capability to produce long-length AC submarine cables (without the need to joint two lengths offshore), as the company possesses facilities and technology required to manufacture, factory-joint, layup (three cores), and store long-length MV and (E)HV AC submarine cables. XLPE insulated submarine cables hold many benefits, most notably, there is no risk of environmental contamination, as is given when an oil-insulation based cable is damaged.

Main features

 • Mid-to-long-distance transmission (100km)
 • Maximum voltage: 400kV
 • Maximum conductor size: 2,500mm2 (single core)

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