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Overhead Line OPGW(Optical Ground Wire)

Optical ground wire, or OPGW, includes communication functions provided by the incorporated optical fibers in addition to the existing overhead ground wire which protects the transmission cables from lightning strikes and secures current flow in case of cable faults.

Types and purposes

It is used for optical communications, to protect transmission lines from fault currents (inflow of currents in the case of power system faults), and lightning. Please find the product range as follows, according to the optical fiber set unit(tube) structure.
 • Plastic Loose Tube Type OPGW
 • Stainless Steel Loose Tube Type OPGW


• Minimized OPGW external diameter for optimized structure design (No. of optical fiber cores: maximum 144)
• Maintains stable optical fiber performance in a wide temperature range (-40°C ~ +85°C)
• Protects optical fibers from severe environmental changes such as lightning strikes and short circuit currents
• The jelly compound prevents water penetration of the optical fiber

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