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Marine cables are produced based on Norway Std. It is widely used as an off-shore cable for FPSO, rigs and drill-ships. Drilling fluid resistance (Mud resistance) is applicable, and is superior in chemical and oil resistance compared to other cables.

Types and purposes

• NEK 606 Std. cable types and application std.
  - Type: RFOU/B, BFOU/B, RUCU, BUCU, etc.
  - Reference Std.
    NEK 606: 2009
    IEC 60092-350, 353, 354, 376
    IEC 60092-360
    IEC 60332-3-22 Cat.A
    IEC 60331-1, 60331-2, 60331-21
    IEC 60754-1, 2 & IEC 61034-1
• Vessels for application
  - FPSO, rigs, jack-up rigs, drill-ships, etc.


• Can be applied to all equipment related to oil drilling
• Resistant to sludge and oil while drilling

Main features

• Drilling fluid resistance (sludge resistance) is applicable
• Chemical and oil resistant
• Low smoke & halogen free
• Temperature rating 90℃
• Good Cold property (Complies with IEC 60092-350 Annex E @-40℃)

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
Marine Cables LS Flexen125.pdf Download
Marine Cables LS NEK606.pdf Download

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