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The railway infrastructure is a complex engineering business, where the fields of civil engineering, roadbeds, construction, energy supply, signals, communications and trains are organically connected. LS Cable & System has locally developed cables and systems for power supply, signal transmission, and railcar design. We are providing the best products to customers through superior quality.

Railways cables & systems

1) Cables for railway vehicle
As for the Cables for railway vehicle, performance related to fire safety, such as toxic gases and flame propagation in case of fire is important, and we are supplying products that acquired EN45545-2 and domestic certification to meet domestic and overseas performance requirements.

2) Cables for railway signal systems
Cables for railway signal systems are used in signal systems for the safe operation of trains, and we are developing and supplying products that meet the requirements of each equipment manufacturer.

3) Power system (R-Bar)
This system is used to supply power to locations, e.g. subways and tunnel sections, where the existing catenary method cannot be applied. We developed localization of the R-Bar-type product, and supply it now.

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
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