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LS Cable & System produces a variety of cables for automobile applications such as communication among interior/exterior devices, electronic steering components and even convenience features such as the heating wires for automobile seats. We supply major companies based on the credibility that we have built through expertise in development and production. We are able to provide customized products, building on our independent design and supply capabilities.

Types and purposes

• Seat heating wires
Heating elements for automobile seats and handles. Many product combinations can be configured with wire rod alloys, conductor structure (bunch, complex, spiral), presence of tensile strength reinforcement strings (aramid yarn), element wire coating (isolated, unit, non-coated) and insulating material. We are continuously upgrading our products according to the latest trends. We have the capabilities to produce customized products according to customer needs

• Antenna coaxial cables
Used for effective communication among internal/external devices, for example AVM systems, GPS, DMB, antennae, etc.
We supply products to major local and overseas companies based on superior performance and credibility.

Transmits power and signals to electronic devices (A/Bag, horn, heated wheel, remote control switch) on the steering wheel.
Installed in limited spaces to transmit power and signals in all conditions without disconnection.

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