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Automobiles Cables Module Cables

Module cables are being used recently for electronically operated parts of vehicle, such as the ABS, EPB and EPS. They are used in engine bays. There are knock sensor cables and actuator cables that are used for ABS, EPB, and EPS (MDPS) systems. Demand is also increasing due to the popularity of around view monitors and rear cameras.

Types and purposes

• Sensor cables
  - ABS (Anti-Brake System)
  - EPB (Electronic Parking Brake)
  - EPS (Electronic Power Steering) (Motor Driven Power Steering)
  - Sensor cable
  - DCT (Dual-clutch transmission)

• Camera sensors
  - Around view monitor
  - Front/Rear camera


Can be customized according to usage environment. We have established our cable line-up to fit the high technology of automobiles.
• User-customized design
• Flexibility/weather resistant/oil resistant

Main functions

• Operating temp: -40~200℃ (Differs according to product)
• Complete vehicle standards, and international ISO/JASO standards

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