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Automobiles Cables Heat-resistant Cables

Durability has been dramatically enhanced in heat resistant cables. With superior durability and sound proof properties, these cables are used in high temperature, high vibration and highly sound proof environments. They are usually used in the engine bay.
Furthermore, heat resistant auto cables are heat and oil resistant, therefore used in the engine bay and fuel control systems to transmit signals and energy. Heat resistant cables can resist heat up to 250℃ (temperatures range: -40~200℃). They can withstand oil and fuel immersion without detriment due to their heat resistant properties.

Types and purposes

• Vehicle engine wire cables
  - Engine bay
  - Controls (actuators, switches, etc.)
  - Battery
  - Lighting
  - Fuel pumps


Superior durability and soundproof properties; high heat, wear and oil resistance.
• High heat and wear resistant properties
• Non-flammable
• Oxidization resistant

Main functions

• Operating temp: -40~200℃
• Complete vehicle standards, and international ISO/JASO standards

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