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We have a wide product range of car tubes, including protection tubes for auto brake pipes, fuel pipes, gas springs and electronic tubes.

Types and purposes

Pipe protection
  - Protection for brakes and fuel pipes
  - Waterproof and anti-corrosion
  - 3:2 shrink ratio, adhesive-lined (EVA base), polyolefin heat shrinkable tubes

 Automotive electronic
  - Vehicle wiring harness product, used for insulation and watertight purposes of cable joints
  -  4:1 shrink ratio, Adhesive-lined (Amide base), semi-hard polyolefin heat shrinkable tube


• Pipe protection
  - Adhesive for brake and fuel pipes for protection against mechanical shock and corrosion
• Automotive electronic
  - Used in the middle and ends of wiring harnesses, for watertight protection from environmental effects

Main functions

• Pipe protection
  - Operating temperature range : -35℃ ~ 90℃
  - Minimum shrink temperature : 120℃
  - Shrink ratio : 25% or more in radial direction
  - Standards MS231-18 (Hyundai Automotive Specifications for Tubing)

• Automotive electronic
  - Operating temperature range : -30℃ ~ 135℃ (outer wall)
  - Flammability : ASTM D 2671 Procedure B 
    (Reference, Outside layer only, except clear products)
  - Minimum shrink temperature : 130℃
  - Shrink ratio :75% or more in radial direction
  - UL 224 (File No. E153276 : 600V, 125℃ except clear product)
  - ES 91409(HMT) by Hyundai Motors

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