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Structured Cabling System Premises Communication

LS Cable & System total wire end-to-end building solutions provide optimized solutions for the physical infrastructure and management of total Voice/Data/Video communication.
LS Cable & System LAN (Local Area Network) system cables and wire material holds quality certification from certified institutions home and abroad, including UL, ETL, Delta and KS. It provides globally standardized products for flame-resistant products.
LS Cable & System LAN provides voice communication Cat.3 solutions, and UTP Cat.6A solution for 10G data transmission, which is the recent trend in the communication industry (10Gbps, 500MHz, 10GBASE-T, cables with world’s-smallest external diameter of 7mm, 6 Channel authentication).
LS total wire solution is the most skilled partner in the world, and will guarantee reliability in physical communication networks in MDF, IDF and work areas. We will support efficient asset management of the building through integration of enhanced management solutions.

Types and purposes

Main computer rooms and communication rooms at each floor
  - Category 5e, 6, 6A, 7, 7A cable and wire materials
  - Fiber Optic MM (OM1, 2, 3), SM cable and wire materials
  - Category 3, 5 vertical trunk line patch cables
  - Intelligent cabling management system (I2MS)


Structurally/mechanically stable, and stable across broadband, enabling high-quality voice, video and data transmission.
• Optimized design for low attenuation
• High-integration Cat 6A cable design for globally small diameter jacket
• Guarantees channel properties of global standards and above

Main functions

Connection of in-building vertical/horizontal trunk lines (voice/data/video)

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
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