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RF Feeder System MIMO Leaky Cables

Generally, leaky coaxial cables are used for underground applications or tunnels. The external conductor is processed to create a signal leakage slot so the cable functions as the antenna.
In addition to antenna functions, these cables are optimized for mobile communications services or LTE-R where throughput speed is important. One line of routing realizes the MIMO(Multi In, Multi Out) function, reducing CAPEX such as construction and material costs.

Types and purposes

1-1/4” MIMO Leaky Cables
  - Exclusive for LTE-R (700MHz) (FM, DMB, LTE-R)
  - Exclusive for mobile communication services (800MHz~2.3GHz)

Hybrid Combiner
  - Bi-directional power feed components for MIMO functions


Using cable antennas with dual polarized structure for MIMO functions, and bi-directional power feed hybrid combiner, they are optimized for environments requiring large capacity signals at high speed, such as LTE.

• One line of routing realizes the MIMO function, reducing construction and material costs
• Hybrid combiner with isolator to secure stability and MIMO performance
• Bi-directional feed realizes equal MIMO performance as space-wave antenna method

Main functions

• One line of routing realizes the MIMO function improving throughput speed and RSSI
• Design of damping and combined loss properties according to main frequencies such as 75MHz~900MHz and 800MHz~2.3GHz is feasible
• 90° or 180° slots according to installation location (tunnel wall, central pillar)

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