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The production method of OFC (Oxyzen Free Copper) keeps the oxygen content in the copper under 10ppm. It is a high-purity product with copper content of 99.99% and is superior in electrical conduction compared to ordinary copper.
It is used as a conductor for solar panel ribbon wires and audio cables. Recently, demand for ball or nugget shaped plates has been increasing.

Types and purposes

Wire conductors
  - Solar panel ribbon wires, booth bars
  - High-quality audio cables
  - Condenser sockets

Copper plating
  - Copper balls
  - Copper nuggets


The production method keeps the oxygen content in the copper under 10ppm due to oxygen elimination, maximizing copper content to 99.99%.
• Maximized electricity
• High purity copper content
• Reinforced conductivity

Main functions

• Conductor for solar panel ribbon wires
• Special cables (audio cables, condenser sockets)
• Copper plating material

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
OFC OFC_Copper Rod.pdf Download

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