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LS Cable & System’ SCR uses electrolytic copper of 99.99% copper content as the raw material. Annual capacity is 270,000 tons via strand casting. It is widely used as conductors for vehicle cables, special cables for industrial use, winding cables, and power cables.
A wide range of products from 2.0mm to 23.0mm in diameter is produced to meet customer needs with quality globally acknowledged.

Types and purposes

Conductors for various cables
  - Vehicle cables
  - Special cables for industrial use
  - Winding cables and electronics
  - Railway car cables

  - Strands for ultra-high voltage transformers
  - Winding cables (strands)


We use high-purity electrolytic copper as raw materials, and have large-scale production facilities. We maintain a stable supply of globally renowned product quality.

Excellent electrical conduction
Disconnection does not occur during wire drawing
Smooth and even exterior

Main functions

Smooth current transmission as an electricity conductor
Does not contain harmful heavy metals (RoHS)
Meets international standards for harmful substances

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
SCR SCR_Copper Rod.pdf Download

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