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Magnet Wires High-function Magnet Wires

As demands for high-performance, high-functionality motors are increasing, even wires in motors need various functions, and high-functionality wires, which have various functions, are now required: e.g. implementing a high Space Factor, reducing the drop in insulation performance due to the high tension during winding, delaying the drop in insulation performance by protecting the insulation coating from partial discharge at a high voltage, and minimizing performance drop due to the carbonization of the insulation coating in the welded locations during welding. High-function magnet wire (EXLW) are widely used in motors for automobiles, and mostly used in drive motors (traction motors), generators (alternators), EPS Motors and oil pump motors for automobiles and high-voltage generators and wind power generators.

Types and purposes

  - Clutch coils for automobiles and high-efficiency generators for automobiles
  - Air-conditioner compressors for electric vehicles
  - Distributed winding motors (inserting process) 
  - Steering system for automobiles (EPS MOTOR)
  - Wind power generators
  - Concentrated winding motors

  - High-heat-resistant motors for automobiles
  - Concentrated winding motors

  - High-efficiency generators for automobiles
  - Excellent welding characteristics

• EXLW-P2 
  - Drive motors for electric vehicles (traction motor)
  - Generators motors for hybrid vehicles
  - Anti-surge motors for automobiles (aux. pump motor, etc.)
  - High-voltage generators and wind power generators
  - Excellent anti-surge (PDIV) property
• PIW 
  - High-heat-resistant (240℃), high-reliability parts: Special motors for the military
  - Drive motors for KTX trains: KTX, general rolling stocks

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