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Industrial Devices Cables e-Flatek™, Moving Cable System for Cleanrooms

e-Flatek™ is a moving cable system for cleanrooms that provides power and signal transmission to automated factory machinery. e-Flatek™ consists of tubes, support chains and e-Line™, a factory automation cable, which are inserted into a durable e-Pod™ for protection from physical damage. The support chains inserted in a e-Pod™ are used instead of cable veyors to minimize dust generation during operation. In particular, as e-Pod™ have obtained ‘ISO Class 1’ certification, which means that the possibility of dust generation was below 0.1% according to the cleanroom international standard test, the reliability of the system has been proven.

Type and Use

• e-Flatek™ Package

e-Flatek™ cables can be stacked according to customer’s requests, and accessories can be combined individually to design and produce various configurations.


[ Specification ]​


Maximum stroke length 3,500㎜
Standard bending radius R20㎜, R40㎜, R70㎜, R100㎜, R130㎜
Maximum speed 2m/s
Maximum acceleration 4G
Minimum flex life 10 million cycles
Ambient temperature -10℃ ~ +80℃
Available cable diameter 6 ~10㎜ for 1 cable / below 6㎜ for 2 cables
ISO 14644-1 / VDI 2083 grade ISO Class 1
Standard pod 1~6 Pod
Maximum stacking 6 Stacked




• e-Pod™

The e-Pod™ is a sleeve into which cables, support chains and tubes are inserted. It consists of a standard pod of 19mm pod width, and a customized special 1pod.



standard Pod

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
e-Flatek™, Moving Cable System for Cleanrooms LS e-Flatek.pdf Download

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