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Bus Duct Iz/Ix/If-way

LS Cable & System I-series Busduct is a new sandwich type Busduct designed according to IEC standard. LS Cable & System investigated and developed optimized structure to provide the best solution. I-series took over all the advantages of E-series, such as two-piece aluminum housing structure and joint kit connections which enable easy installation with less time and lower cost. Also, its unique structure helps for dissipation, and offers stable electrical performance and higher mechanical strength.


• Iz-way
  - Polyester film insulator
  - (Class B 130°C / Class F 155°C)

• If-way
  - Fire-rated product
  - Mica film insulation (1200°C)

• Ix-way
  - Epoxy powder insulator
  - (Class B 130°C / Class F 155°C)


1. Housing structure for optimal dissipation

- LS Cable & System I-series uses all-aluminum extruded housing for better dissipation, and its higher conductivity allows excellent grounding capacity.
- Two-piece housing gives better waterproof function.
- IP54 is standard degree of protection and IP55, IP65 are optional.
- Special serrated surface is applied to aluminum housing for optimal dissipation, which allows I-series more compact and lighter than competitors’ Busduct.


2. Excellent short circuit strength (Reinforced type optional)

- High strength aluminum alloy
- Two-piece housing structure
- Specially designed housing structure for higher short circuit strength
- Reinforced type Busduct with higher short circuit upon customer’s request

3. Joint cover & Function of inspection

- Two-piece, symmetric joint cover for easy installation (Same design for vertical line)
- Transparent Pc cap with Red line allowing visual inspection for proper torque in joint kit


• Electrical room
• Apartments and large buildings (high buildings, office buildings, knowledge industry centers, etc.)
• Plants (semi-conductors, displays, petrochemical plants)

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
Iz/Ix/If-way Busduct I series Download

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