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Structured Cabling System SimpleEye™ communication infrastructure management solution

Based on stored information on integrated wiring infrastructures and lines, the product visualizes and displays network infrastructure configuration from higher-level networks to actual user connection terminals. It features a next-generation network infrastructure management system that offers functionality such as traffic monitoring, unauthorized terminal identification, and network connections by integrating visualized network information with terminal connection location and connection time information.

Types and uses

• Cabling System Management
  - 2D drawing-based communication asset management
  - Communication room/rack/outlet management
  - Cabling system information management (TIA)

• NMS (Network Monitoring System)
  - Network equipment/server management
  - Traffic history management
  - Alarm in case of failure

• IPAM (IP & MAC Network Management)
  - Checking terminal and location information
  - Authorized/unauthorized connection management
  - Detecting illegal network configuration

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