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Structured Cabling System Rack & local communication solution

LS C&S has product groups that are used in all indoor communication environments, ranging from racks for integrated wiring materials and network equipment to network terminal outlets.

Types and uses

• Rack product group
  - Materials and network equipment, such as FDF and Patch panels
  - Cable arrangement accessories for improving the appearance of communication room
  - 2-port and 4-port racks
  - Rack accessories such as entry and organizer panels

• Local communication solution
  - Product groups necessary for network building, such as outlets, face plates, entry panels and modular plugs

• Connection tool
  - Dedicated tools, such as crimp tools for fastening modular plugs, EZ tools for modular jacks, punching-down tools and cable strippers


LS C&S has durable and stable cost-efficient rack solutions. The products are highly adjustable into various forms by connecting or separating them. The local communication solution is suitable for customers who need to take many things into consideration. The EZ tool used to connect modular jacks is designed to simultaneously cut and crimp cables, which reduces working time.

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