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Structured Cabling System Fiber solution

As demands for data are rapidly increasing, wiring becomes more integrated, and the importance of security is increasing. LS Cable & System provides optical cables fit for data centers and hacking prevention. It also provides communication network solutions by supplying various optical communication wiring materials necessary for the development of optical cable communication networks.

Types and uses

• Fiber cables for data centers
  - Fit for highly integrated data centers
  - Indoor and outdoor wiring/branching/lead-in cable
  - Optical cord cable

• Optical cables for preventing hacking
  - Prevents hacking due to signal leaks
  - Provides Simplex and Duplex type optical jumper cords (O.D 2.0mm)
  - Provides LC and SC type

• Fiber wiring material
  - Wiring materials for optical cable connection and installation
  - MPO solution, FDF(Fiber Distribution Frame), optical connector and adapter, optical jumper cord ,patch cord and transceiver, etc.


Since fiber cables for data centers are very light and flexible, they are suitable for small spaces with a small bend radius tolerance. LS C&S can supply products that prevent hacking by applying high-performance macro-bend to customers such as the banking and defense industry and data centers, to whom security is very important.


Optical communication wiring materials from LS Cable & System are easy to install and are designed to minimize insertion loss. The cables can supply various products, such as the LC, SC, FC, ST, and MTP types according to the customer’s installation environment.

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
Fiber solution LS DataCenterSolution.pdf Download

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