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Structured Cabling System Copper solution

To meet the dynamic customer needs that vary based on the user environment, a variety of product lineups are prepared. The copper solution products of LS Cable & System satisfy a multitude of international standards and are designed to be compatible between products. The copper solution is classified by use into cables and categorized depending on data transmission performance such as cables suitable for special environments and integrated wiring materials.

Types and uses

• Copper cable
  - Category 5e~7 cables for implementing an integrated wiring system
  - Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable with power supplying capability
  - Cable for voice communication

• Copper wiring material
  - Materials for wiring system configuration
  - Shielded/unshielded patch panel, modular jack, patch cord, 110 patching system, etc.

• Cables for special environments
  - Carbon fiber shielding cables that can be applied to smart factories and elevators
  - Armored cables and industrial moving communication cables


Various products can be supplied depending on the installation environment of customers. Some examples of highly adaptable cables include slim cables fit for the high-density environment, long-distance cables for up to 200m connection, highly flame-retardant plenum-grade cables for fire safety, and light and high-strength cables made of advanced materials (carbon fiber). Cables and wiring materials have acquired international standard certifications such as ISO and UL, and LS Cable & System also has products that have acquired the European CPR (Construction Product Regulation) certification.

Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues
Copper solution LS Simple(StructuredCablingSystem).pdf Download

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