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7 Issues And Performances

We establish an implementation plan for promoting performance and manage progress in a regular basis in 7 sustainability topics, Finance & Creativity/Innovation, Customers, Suppliers, Local Communities, Employees, Green Management and Risk Management.

Mid/Long-Term Approach Activities in 2014

We create values in cooperation with our stakeholders. Going forward, we will continue searching for social · economic value creation and long-term growth through a social Infra establishment and a product innovation while improving profitability through a management competitiveness and product development.

Topic 01 Finance & Creativity/Innovation
  • Revenue (in million USD) : 3,116 (Consolidated : 3,667)
  • Operating Income (in million USD) : 83 (Consolidated : 93)
  • Credit Rating (for Corporate Bond) : A+
  • R&D investment : USD 22 million
  • Obtained the certification for 500kV HVDC MI Cable by the KERI
  • Successfully developed the test product of steel tube control umbilical cable

we strive to provide products and services that increase customer value. To this end, we make an every effort for customer satisfaction by establishing a ISO9001 based quality management system and a process of Exploration, Development, and Provision of Customer Value

Topic 02 Customers
  • Acquired and renewed certification
  • Conducted a total of 66 Six Sigma activities to improve CTQ
  • Assessed quality risks and conducted improvement activities for 24 major projects
  • Carried out a total of 22 activities to secure assessment technology
  • Established the quality assurance system in   construction business

Our suppliers have made great contributions to accelerating growth we have achieved. Our cooperative network bolstered by the competitive edge of our suppliers ensures better quality products for customers and greater growth opportunity for companies around the world.

Topic 03 Suppliers
  • Complied with four guidelines on fair trade
  • Conducted internal audit of fair trade practices with suppliers on a quarterly basis
  • Provided educational support for suppliers: 308 people from 167 companies
  • Increased purchase price: USD 4 million
  • Provided no-interest, no-collateral loan to USD 3 million

We define the regions where domestic and overseas worksites locate, as the local communities. With a goal of making a social contribution to give substantial helps to the local societies, we currently engage in philanthropic activities, global volunteering, educational /cultural support and environmental conservation.

Topic 04 Local Communities
  • Conducted a 'LS Dream Science Class' fo children
  • Supported LS Undergraduate Students Overseas Volunteers
  • Provided a worksite training programs to students in cooperation with academia
  • Conducted volunteering activities by employees in Worksites

Based on a horizontal partnership, we treat all employees with respect and consideration and without discrimination. Furthermore, to ensure our employees realize their full potentials, we provide various supporting measures and strive to promote a happy workplace.

Topic 05 Employees
  • Enhanced organizational competencies through job rotation
  • Published HR guidelines for subsidiaries and expanded supporting activities
  • Provided training for overseas subsidiaries
  • Conducted LS compliance management training
  • Monitored the status on human rights and diversity respect by worksite
  • Built a LS daycare center and expand employee benefits including parental leave
  • Conduct a Zero-accident declaration event and activities for seasonal safety
  • Provided safety training to 169 supervisors
  • Conducted a safety diagnosis on all processes by an external agency : 296 cases were improved
  • Expanded the targets for safety inspection(343 cases)
  • Checked PSM implementation status, and took countermeasures :obtained 'S' grade for Gumi worksite
  • Ran programs for coexistence and cooperation for 36 companies : 139 cases were improved

We are continuously promoting the green management through our green management practices and the development of green products. While considering our environmental impacts in product life cycle, from R&D and design to disposal step, we strive to create value by establishing company-wide environmental strategies.

Topic 06 Green Management
  • Developed low-carbon products : 80kV DC superconducting cable demonstration test
  • Conducted task force activities to reduce greenhouse gas and save energy
  • Participated in the CDP Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain program (Supplier)
  • Improved a basic unit of energy use in product production : 4.3→4.0TJ / 1,000 ton of product
  • Improved a basic unit of greenhouse gas emission in products production : 0.22→0.21tCO2e / ton of product

We establish a countermeasure categorized by situational variables: Business Risks arising from by industry environment changes, Financial Risks from changes in raw material price, foreign exchange and liquidity and Compliance and Ethical Risks from non compliance with principles. In addition, we are preparing for unexpected disaster risks.

Topic 07 Risk Management
  • Declared compliance management
  • Established a compliance management organization
  • Revised company regulations on the violation of fair trade
  • Provided group training on fair trade for 469 employees whose work is related to fair trade, and online training for 1,197 employees with office works
  • Conducted an internal inspection on fair trade risks in relation to sales activities
  • Resolved complaints reported to Cyber Reporting Channel : 100%
  • Distributed a letter of cooperation to supplier twice
  • Conducted ethics training three times for 33 employees
  • Registered 43 posting on ethical management
  • Assessed the level of ethical management


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